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To LavaMan: About your gear reviews section

EmptinesOf Youth

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Like i said before i think its awesome that you set this up. And i do plan on submitting stuff to it, i was wondering if youd mind a few opinions on stuff to add though. Like i said either way its fantastic that you took the time to do this and i dont know how well you know how to do web page design but your site looks really good. I was thinkin though:


1. Maybe make an html form page that you can submit it from instead of an email?

2. I like how you have everything sectioned, instead of a drop down list thing, but maybe make each section collapsable? i.e -


+Electric guitar


-American Stratocaster

(each section tabbed in a littele though, i cant do that in this)


Looks kinda like that, each when drops down from the top.


3. For the actual ratings, maybe a combined rating at the top of the page, and ive always liked the use of stars (which i know you use at the bottom of each review) more than actuall numbers. Maybe those for each catagory Instead of the numbers, i feel its easier to glance at those and get an idea of what people are feelin instead of havin to read numbers. Like for instance if im lookin on musiciansfriend.com at the reviews of stuff, When i look at the specific reviews for each item, its good to be able to see how the star counts goin before i actually read the reviews.


These are all opinions and if you dont like them thats cool, i just thought you could improve upon what is already a great service your doing. anyway, take care and happy holidays

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Originally posted by Caputo:

Is there a way we can use the criteria and rating system inherent to each type of gear GP uses and make those mandatory before a review can be submitted?



would that be an infringement?

Maybe it depends what you use - many use stars, Tucows use *cows*.


I'd like to use a small plectrum icon, but I've no idea how to create one.



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