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looking for effects - chunky heavy metal sound


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hey...interested in getting some effects. My rig is currently a gibson sg standard through a marshall. I am interested in some heavy distortion pedals like the Boss MT-2, the digitech metal master and death metal pedals, and the line 6 uber metal. I've read a lot of reviews on these and played through them all except the metal master. I was impressed with the line 6 uber metal, however want to give other manufacturers a chance as well. I dig the very chunky distorted thrash/death metal sound and am wondering what people's opinions/experiences are with these pedals and my guitar/amp set up. Would a multieffects be a better idea? I want to purchase something that I will be happy with for a long time. Any advice will help. Thanks for your time.
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We almost got the AMT Du Hast, but they were out of stock and awaiting a new shipment.




Watch out for some of those. Local guys that carried numerous pedals steered us away from some for their cheap switch.

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