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Boss ge20 eq pedal


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I recently purchased a Boss ge20 eq pedal, due to fond memories of an old ge7 and the fact you can play bass and guitar through it.


I was pretty disappointed as the thing was extremely saturated and noisy at any decent level. Not sure if this is due to the preset functions on it where you can store preset eq settings digitally?.


Any similar experiences/anyone having a good boost with a ge7, or is it a just rose tinted guitar memory?..

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I'm a bit puzzled. There's no Boss GE 20 mentioned in Harmony Central or the Boss site.


There's a GE 21 but that's described as a half rack EQ, not a pedal. Do you have a link or something? :confused: Are we all on the same page?


What amp are you using? And what's on the rest of the signal chain? And what's this about "presets"?


I've heard that some modelling amps don't really "like" other digital gear and sometimes, the order of the pedals can make a diff too. I had a Zoom GFX once and, if you ran other pedals in front of it (ie guitar->pedal->GFX->amp), it'd sound like shit. It sounded well, rather saturated.

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I have one and never sounded like that, try another one, if you still have the same problem maybe it´s the rest of your equipment that doesn't works right with it. I'm using mine on the effects loop of my Peavey Triple XXX and it's alright even with tha gain at 10 i ain´t got noise, and i don´t use any noise gate pedal.
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