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OHM: Amino-acid Flashback


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Instrumental rock, but I'd say, w/ 'fusion aesthetics". Melodies everywhere, grooves eveywhere, very tastefully done--although I'd ask the bassist to use fewer effects, and I'd like to hear less of a chorusy guitar sound.


I like this stuff TONS better than Vai's or Satriani's or Malmsteen's or SRV's. There's a lot of playing, and like the Emperor in that Mozart movie would say, "a lot of notes", but here the music is far more important than the playing... well, there's MORE MUSIC than on anything I've heard by the others, for starters.


Has anyone else checked it out?

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

--from 'Beyond Good and Evil', by Friedrich Nietzsche


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It's a Must have. Just get it and shut up

Can't describe it, because it's pretty original

Intricate compositions, unique grooves, Sick Drums, Sick Bass Lines, and Chris Poland


For you classic rockers/bluesers it's not "mucho-macho" metal, but heavy enough to get your heart pumpin'

Oh yeah, and Ginger Baker's son on drums


The kid is screamin' !!!


Definitely a sleeper thus far.

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