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Minor Swing with two fingers ala Django:

Funk Jazz

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clonk for the 3 meg wmv file:


Check out Christopher Lartilleux playing Minor Swing with two fingers, exactly how Django would have.


he's playing along with one of the original recordings by Django, and he absolutely nails the solo. pretty cool to see how Django would have phrased some of these runs with two fingers.


trully a labor of love to work all that out. wow.

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Originally posted by Billster:

OK, that guy's nuts :thu:


I wonder if he feels learning it with a forced limitation helped him pick up some things he can use when he's not holding back two fingers.


Bet he did. :cool:

he did an instructional video for gypsy jazz/django style swing where he only uses two fingers throughout. he obviously researched it pretty thoroughly.


but he is absolutely incredible doing his own thing (with all four fingers). his band is called Latcho Drom, their album entitled La Verdine is a desert island disc if you can find it.

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I also play in a Gypsy Jazz combo. I've attempted to learn some of the solos and runs using two fingers. What I can say is that it definitely produces a different sound than when you use all four. You find a lot of the notes getting slurred with two fingers and it just sounds a bit different.
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