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help, what's the title of that song???


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I need help with identifying that song, I guess its Santana

but cannot find it anywhere and dont know its title.

Its goes like that:

D1 A1 D2(long) C2 B1flat A1(long)

D2 C2 B1flat A1 G1 (long)

E1 F1 G1 F1 E1 A1(long) and so long

If you know it you should already get it,

its beautiful samba



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Originally posted by delirium:


No, it's not Samba Pati, have ever heard Samba Pati :)


Darklawa, it may be Transcendance I need to verify that, this is from the Moonflower album right?


It's on the Abraxas album...the one they cut right after Woodstock. You can hear a sample here:



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I thought that I stated already what was that,

so again: moonflower from moonflower album 1977


besides - Europe, Samba Pati are in completely different keys and start with different note....

not to mention melody is not even similar :) ))

♫♫♫ motif XS6, RD700GX
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Never mind what it is, reading this thread made me drag out all my Carlos vinyl, get a copy of Lotus, listen to the whole lot and then tell me that the man can't play and that wasn't one of the best "together" bands you'll hear.... A1 Funk great advert for Echoplex, you should listen to it.


Chris - Dover UJ

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