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Hewlett Packard Telecaster

Guitar Geezer

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Hey, a Telecaster that finally lives up to it's name! :D (Sort of.)


Well, that display monitor on the back is one case where a tube loses to modern technology, hands-down! ;)


(Imagine the noise generated by a CRT-bearing Tele. Now imagine the weight, and the bulk... )

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That's ridiculous. Are you supposed to open your guitar case on tour every time you need your computer? Other than some direct connectivity, it doesn't seem at all practical.


I really love when people/companies combine technology in innovative ways, but this isn't even a novelty.


Now if you had viewable access while playing the instrument, that would be really interesting...

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Reminds me of the way that by the late 1980s they'd overproduced the chips that went into digital watches and absolutely EVERYTHING came with a built in watch. :evil:


Seriously though, I can't see it taking off. I get the feeling I'll look like an idiot in ten years' time, but here goes... there's nothing really useful in that guitar. There, I said it. Maybe you guys ought to go buy some HP shares! ;)

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I think that's one of the dumbest ideas I've seen for a while. I can't see how it could begin to be practical.


The guitar is too big and heavy to make a practical tablet PC. Adding the weight of a tablet PC with little or no benefit also seems to be a bad idea.


Did they just do this because they could?

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