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AC15 custom classic


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Interesting, rate and depth controls for footswitchable tremelo, reverb, top mounted controls.... choice of VOX Custom 12-inch 30 Watt speaker, or Celestion AlNiCo Blue 12-inch speaker. MSRPs of $899 and $1399.

There's something seriously wrong with the price for the model with the celestion blue.... Anyways, street price should differ but I doubt by much. How much does the ac30CC go for?

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GC never has any stuff I want to try. They always have the low end cheaper amps. I wish GC was more about quality and not as much about quantity.


We had to twist their arm to get an AC 30 CC in stock. Very cool amp, probably similar to the 15. It wasn't versatile enough for my tastes but it does have a cool sound.

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