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Eureka! (Make That 1002 Uses)

Chad Thorne

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So this morning there was I, having replaced the blown-out volume pot in my Strat, alone in the house, amp cranked, enjoying the breathtakingly fast and fluid, startlingly inventive licks I was playing. The only cloud on this rock 'n roll horizon? As I played my fingers brushed the pickguard and generated static electricity, resulting in scratches and pops through the amp. I've had this problem since I built the guitar and never have been able to solve it.


Suddenly it hits me. What else? Duct tape! I put a strip on the pickguard, under the strings where my fingers hit. And voila! No noise. It works a treat, as James Lunday might say. Plus it adds to the "road warrior" mojo of my guitar...


I offer this suggestion to anyone else who might be having the same problem.



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Interesting, but for those interested in keeping their instrument clean of tape, I would suggest a bottle of anti-stat, pump-spray-on liquid. You can usually find it anywhere computer products and accessories are sold. A little anti-stat applied before playing should solve the problem, even in the driest conditions. And if you can humidify the room, even better. But somehow I don't figure you'll manage to get every bar and club to properly humidify their venues. :D

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