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r.l. davis guitars


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Originally posted by bracaglia:

if ur into fine hand made guitars check this out we are still working on the site but will give u an idea of what we are up to , we offer custom building as well just contact us for info



Some really sweet-looking PRS-ish guitars (reminiscent of PRS, but not clones). I'd like to see the site when it's done. I'd also like to test-drive one of those guitars

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I hope you do some careful proof reading before going live.

Quote--Most guitars are neither made for nor due they produce any real tone.--


This was one of many typos I saw at a glance (and my English and spelling leave much to be desired). Maybe get a good writer to help you with your copy. You can have the best guitars in the world, but if your copy is not well done, no one will take you seriously.

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The guitar on the "About Us" page reminds me of an Aria Pro II that Neal Schon played on the Frontiers tour. It's the exact same body style. I think neals had a physical bridge, though. I always liked it for a modified Les Paul style.


I didn't know that most guitars aren't made to have a real tone.

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