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Soul o 50 - good or bad?


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The Soul o 50 is a amp model line-up made by Groove Tubes. It includes a head and combos w/ 12" or 15" speakers. Distinguishing feature is that it can use different style power tubes to alter the sound and power rating. According to them, the amps are hand made in San Fernando, CA.


I have no experience with this amp but I have to imagine it is pretty good at what it does since its from Groove Tubes. Not the cheapest in the world, starting price is about $1400 list.


Just from reading the GT info alone, I wouldn't mind if someone gave me one as a gift!!!


Here are some links to the manufacturer...





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If I'm to go by the GT gear that I have used (not just their branded tubes), I'd be surprised if it was anything less than excellent.


If you can afford one, try one. I'm not sure what their return policy is, but I have strong doubts that you'd need to use it. You could do a lot worse, and still have a good amp...

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Yea, first things first, WELCOME to the forum :wave:


imho, I think that it's spelled Solo-O-Fifty. That might help in the search. I'm not sure about the spelling though.


[edit] Oops, my bad :o

I just checked out the link, your spelling

IS correct. Also, I agree, if it's by GT

it must be good ;):thu:

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Well UPS tracking says it will arrive tomorrow - I have two days to benchmark it (in and out of the studio)I will post my feedback. I had it shipped with 6L6's - I am hoping between the Soul O 50 and my DSL 50 with various cabs I will be covered for a while (yeah right) What's funny is I get great results with a Valve Junior or a Galaxie 10 (with a Rat or TS9) into Greenbacks (open and closed back) things just fit right into the mix. Anyway - thanks for the warm welcome.
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