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Noise/Interference on modified strat


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I took apart an old strat and soldered on new, higher quality pots and a switch.


After all the electronic work, and mounting the pickups back into the pickguard, I notice interference when I plug the guitar into my bass amp (although the bass amp shouldn't be the problem.) I have no strings on it yet, and notice that as I turn my volume knob, I can hear more and more interference.


Anyone know what would cause this? I am confident of my electronic work, and it is definitely grounded to the tremolo on the back.

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The shielding?


Hrm, well I DID also sand the body down a bit to give it a "worn out look". Then I applied about 3-4 coats of a lacquer or lacquer-like spray (don't remember now) to give it a solid coat.


I was thinking more along the lines of electronics or a grounding problem. Hmmm... does that mean more paint? Aghh!

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