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Post your holiday music


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That sounds great. Thanks for posting it. http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/weihnachten/xmas-smiley-019.gif

quote:Originally posted by mdrs:


It's pure B.S., and obvioulsy inaccurate. I suspect it is posted for effect, not for accuracy.


John Petrucci > Johnny Winter

The Edge > Ted Nugent

Guitar One Mag > Guitarplayer

Slash > Carlton

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About 11 years ago, I composed a song for my Mom as a Christmas gift. I think it has a really great Christmas feel to it to include jingle bells, choir voices, and all. Of course, my Mom still has it on cassette. If I remember, I'll make a copy of it some day and upload it here some Christmas. :wave:


Happy Christmas! :thu:

"Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7


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Pauldil: I'm getting an error - "The playlist format is not recognized." It comes up looking like a windows player in my browser, then nothing happens. (I'm on a Mac, but windows media plays, usually.)


Jim: S W E E T ! Reminds my of some of the interpretations of the Claymation Christmas special.


Okay all of you other guys and gals, throw it up here. I've got a Christmas folder I need to fill up. :D

Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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I've got a version of "Twelve Days of Christmas"...a parody version. I did it quite a few years ago but it was never finished. Basically I played the guitars and sang only one bit...


On the first day of Christmas

My true love gave to me

Sound Forge to master CDs


Leaving the other 11 blank for more participation. There are a few parts where the guitar got a little off-time, but if anyone wants to finish adding vocals to it, you'd be welcome to.


I'm trying to upload the sucker to my website...but the powweb ftp thing sucks.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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I added an old copy of Green Sleeves I recorded last Christmas to Putfile.



My wife has been messing around with the flute so I wrote a flute part for the song so she could record something with me.


The whole thing is sort of rough, but I haven't gotten around to recording anything this season yet.

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Originally posted by Tedster:

Oh, and it's time for Christmas or Hanukkah avatars... ;)

I'd do one, but this firewall over here doesn't permit me to see any.


Next year! :thu:

"Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7


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Last Christmas I had the opportunity to write for a full orchestra.


(Composing, arranging, orchestrating and playing guitar is all I do for a living, so this was for hire, and performed for 10,000 people over 2 days.)


I contracted the orchestra and conductor.




John Williams was my model for this, as I think he writes really accessible music that still has rich harmony and rhythmic life. If you're a fan of his, you'll hear countless references to everything from Superman, Harry Potter, Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, and his American Journey Olympics themes..... I basically did this in short themes from the "Hallelujah Chorus" "Joy to the World", "Angels We Have Heard on High", "Hark the Herald", "Angels From the Realms of Glory", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "O Come All Ye Faithful", and then reprised "Joy" (with a wink to the Nutcracker) and "Hark", and worked in "For Unto Us" at the end. This was basically a recording direct to C.D. from the board.


Christmas Overture 2004-Sjones arranger/orchestrator


Anyway, not a guitar piece, but something to give you guys a glimpse of some of the other stuff I do.



This next piece was from the previous year's event.



Sjones O Come Emmanuel PERFORMED LIVE AT MY CHURCH (my arrangement with a "Matrix" and "Evanescence" feel...this is totally based on the soundtrack of "Revolutions" and an Evanesence song) I'm the arranger/orchestrator/director/guitarist, electric sitar with choir, orchestra (horns, strings), full contemporary rhythm section; - (there is a tapping solo around 5:00)



Back in 2001 I had the pleasure of arranging this next piece, using a 25 piece percussion ensemble, full band and orchestra.


It was one of the highlights of my career.


Here is the audio and some pics taken from the video, to give you an idea.


It's a big file, but worth the journey, I think.


It goes from an ethereal world music feel, to full on Modern Rock.


Sjones-Drummer Boy feature 2001 LIVE


Beginning with a single percussionist and ending with the works.













YEP, that's me above...playing congas with blastix...all the guitar on the last phase was me, but I had tracked it in advance, along with some loops and keys, so that I could play percussion on it.)


Ending with a bang....




There was no full, standard drum kit on this, the kit sound towards the end, is a combination of 4 guys whacking cymbals and snares, with concert bass drum. (with the loop and the rest of the people hitting things)


Here's a link to the segmented video files:





On this next one, I just set out to create a traditional classical vibe with this one, and went for the Haydn thing.


It's a String Quartet, plus an extra violinist for the solo.


O Come All Ye Faithful LIVE 2002




O Come Emmanuel -as Tower of Power Sjones arranger- recorded live 1998


O Come Emmanuel -Euro Acoustic feel Sjones arranger- recorded live 2000


O Holy Night -modern pop Sjones arranger- recorded live 2000


Anyway, if you have time, check these out.






p.s. Paul, I'm sure I'd love your track, but my computer isn't recognizing the Putfile format.



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Originally posted by A String of Lights:

Hey, good to see you around again Scott. As always, your stuff is amazing. Makes me want to pack up my guitar and donate it to charity.


I hope you start coming around more often (And posting your music). We certainly miss having you around.

Thanks man, I miss being here...I've just had a crazy year with left hand problems, hence no new clips.



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I can draw a duckie and a horsie... ;)





Okay...thanks to A String (of Lights) who helped me sort out my FTP problems.


Here's the work thing for my parody of The Twelve Days of Christmas


Like I said...there are some sync/timing problems with it, as it was one of my first attempts at overdubbing with no click track...so trying to guess when to come in at the pauses was tricky...and I hadn't mastered the "edit" portion of Cool Edit Pro yet. The initial tracks are long lost (probably on another hard drive somewhere if at all)...


Have fun with it if you want...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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A String, really great version of 'Greensleeves'. It's so cool that you got your wife involved too! Thanks.


Scott, thanks for all those incredible arrangements. Sorry you can't get the file from putfile.com. It's just an mp3, no special format.


Tedster, I hope somebody fills in the other 11 days. That could become a great track! (nice duckie & horsie too :D )


Thanks guys. Keep 'em coming!



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Well, that's why I posted it. Anyone is welcome to fill in the other 11 days. That's what it's for, a participation track... :D


Write some stuff and put it on...


Some suggestions...


12 strings of Ric

5 new bass strings, or for bluegrass folks, 5 banjo strings


You could think of a whole bunch...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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