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Bruce Cockburn last night


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Saw Bruce last night in a cozy little theater and was thoroughly entertained with his solo performance. It's in support of his new instrumental release and showcases his playing ability and temperment beautifully. He's a deeply passionate individual and it comes through in his work. I found that even the numbers I was not familiar would easily capture my senses and draw me in. Quite moving.


Bruce doesn't come without politics and he had a number of interesting and witty commentaries on the past present and future... This is the grist for his mill after all.


The picture in my head is one of a much younger Bruce and not the 60 year old that stood before me. I guess it's inspiring in a way that he continues to play so well.


There are a few shows still happening this week in the south western Ontario area for those who'd like to check him out.


... Neil Young turned 60 this past Saturday as well.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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They've been playing a cut off Bruce's latest CD on KTBG ...Central Missouri State Univ's radio station (and one of only two stations worth listening to in KC)... I'm a Bruce Cockburn fan...I've dug his music for a long time. You can listen online at www.ktbg.fm ...


BTW, Shoes, what town in Ontario are ya in? I used to live across the creek from Sarnia. Spent quite a bit of time in Sarnia as a kid. Learned guitar from a guy in Sarnia, as a matter of fact.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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