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OT: Sony rootkit CDs


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I just read that the "G3 Live in Tokyo" CD is infected with Sony's rootkit garbage.


If any of you have bought this be aware that there is at least 1 class action lawsuit open against Sony.


Also be aware that the "fix" that Sony has posted to remove the rootkit does not work.


For a full list of CDs infected with the rootkit:



I don't believe this includes the DVD of that show.

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Originally posted by Picker:

What does this "rootkit" thingy do?

It installs software on your PC at the kernel/driver level that allows Sony to hide DRM (Digital Restrictions Management not Digital Rights Management ;) ) code on your PC. What they install creates a GIANT hole in your PCs security that some viruses have already started to exploit. Apparently even malicious code in a web page can take over your machine using what Sony installs.


The EFF is up in arms about it. http://www.eff.org


There are several write-ups about it over at http://www.boingboing.net.

Born on the Bayou


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