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Randy Bachman's CBC Radio Show Vinyl Tap


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Randy Bachman's now added a new job to his long list of careers - he's hosting a CBC radio show on Saturday nights called Vinyl Tap, in which he talks about the old days and the present music, while spinning some interesting vinyl, including some rare sides. Past shows included the Monterey Pop Festival, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and rockabilly. He's got an easy relaxed patter going (sometimes he even breaks out the guitar and gives us a bit of playing), and his storytelling is pretty fascinating.


Here\'s where to find a Windows Media Player link to his show on Saturday 7:00 PM .


I'm finding it interesting that some classic guitar players are now finding themselves DJs - Kim Mitchell (late of Max Webster) is working on Q107 in Toronto, and Steve Jones, ex Sex Pistol, has a show in California.

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