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how would you go about getting this tone�

eh steve

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This is just a guess...and from memory, but I remember thinking that it sounded a lot like he was using some kind of harmonizer, but with the effect set low, to beef up the sound, but not be completely overbearing.


I have read several times that he uses/used a Digitech Whammy pedal. I have an old Digitech RP-7 that can approximate both (harmony, and whammy).


I had a couple of songs I did that came somewhat close (I wasn't trying for his sound, it just reminded me of it).


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Uhmn, I'm not rying to be sarcastic here, but it's a Strat-styled axe (sometimes with a humbucker/dual-coil deal at the bridge) with enough gainy distortion to get the job done, but not so much that it's mushy or too overly compressed; settings going for a "real crisp guttural growl".


Marshall country, whether an actual Marshall or a similar enough amp or preamp-setting or digital model... Jeff Beck's gotten those kinds of tones with just about all of the above. I can get similar enough tones with my digital modeling-preamp using "Marshall" models and models of either Marshall or Hiwatt cabs, considering that I'm playing a Les Paul. I'm sure that a Strat or similar guitar would come even closer.


Picking-hand "English" doesn't hurt, either, go for a stringy bright sound with a fairly light touch at times, picking around the bridge or middle positions. (JB's gotten a lot of miles with NO pick at all, getting these tones, too.)


On Guitar Shop, Beck used Fender Strats, some or all with Fender Lace Sensor pickups (and some of those with his , and possibly his hot-pink Jackson Soloist (somewhat Stratty, but with dual humbuckers). I think that he may have been using some Digitech preamps/multieffects, with or without a "real" amp, but I'm not sure. The main things are the control-settings, longer scale-length of a Strat-stylee, and "touch".


No offense to anyone, but I don't think that it depended on any harmonizers or other effects, it's a very straightforward kind of sound, really!

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Lately, though, I think Jeff's been using a Marshall JCM 2000 half stack as his main amp. He doesn't seem to use a lot of effects directly. Probably some reverb/delay in the fx loop or part of the stage mix, then amp distortion, and his Strats, but that's about it.


As for Henderson, he's got his own elaborate amp and effects setup. You can check out his gear here: http://www.scotthenderson.net/

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