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Industry standard rack tuner?

SF audio

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I want a good one, that you can keep plugged in at the beginning of your chain and it doesn't affect the tone. Is there a rack tuner that's considered the standard and you can't go wrong?



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The Peterson 450R would be the rack-mounted tuner that I see in most traveling guitar tech's rigs.


I had one, I moved to a Sabine 7100. I'd say that in the single rack space models, Korg is the most popular, but I liked the Sabine better.


But I recently bought a Peterson StroboStomp footpedal. Pretty cool.



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Both of those are good rack tuners. The Korg DTR-2000 and the Peterson 490R are also a pretty good tuners.


The 490R does away with the vernier knob on the R450 so the only moving part is the strobe disc. There are a lot more buttons, though. It's accurate to within 1/10 of 1 cent and never needs recalibration.


If you need a good stompbox tuner the Peterson Strobostomp is hard to beat.

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