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La Guitara Blog Entry/Review


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Great read. I sheepishly admit I don't know anything about the musicians you are writing about. I still enjoyed it though, and will revisit the blog when time permits. I am really interested in the "Guitars in the Classroom" link that you provided. I would like to know more about that, and the possibilities of starting one in my area.

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Hey, you are a guitar geek, now, aren't you, Gwen! Cool. :cool:


Lots of guit-geek detailin' in your bloggery; I like that!


Two things that I really really want, that will be a long while in coming due to their big prices: a real jazz guitar (monster strings and all), and a harp-guitar. Thanks for the detailed accounts you give noting these and their brands/makers/etc.


I'd really like to see Muriel sometime now, too; your rundown and praise has gotten my interest.

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