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Guitars with 3 humbuckers


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Personally I cant stand guitars with the 3 humbuckers in em(like 2 minis and one regular size). Its not even a matter of how the play. I have played on a few and they often sound great, but I cant get over the look of the guitar. I find these guitars way to "busy" looking. Theres just too much going on on it. I enjoy guitars that have that "elegant simplicity" to them. What do you think?
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I don't have a problem with a 3 humbucker guitar, aesthetically. Playing them can be tough for a heavy picking hand, though.

Only other drawback would be how many extra knobs and switches need to go on to give you the tonal choices you want. Some of the Gibson ES (5?) Switchmasters had three sets of volume and tone knobs, but still look pretty classy. Of course, they were big guitars with plenty of face room. But if you tried to put that on a Les Paul/SG/Flying V (!) along with separate on/off and/or coil split switches, and your going to be hitting something with every strum no matter how careful you are.


Actually.. the other day I saw a 3 pickup Gibosn Explorer on EBay. I think they may have been p-90's. It had two toggle switches, but didn't say what they were. I'm guessing a 3-way for the neck/both/bridge selection, and the other one was on/off for the middle?

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My Voyager has a single volume and three, 3-way toggle switches.


I have the neck switch wired:


up - all kill position, output muted

middle - neck off

down - humbucking neck p'up


With that toggle in either the middle or down positions the other two are:


up - (middle or bridge) single coil

middle - (m or b) off

down - (m or b) humbucking


I really wanted that kill switch as a panic button of sorts, in case something went haywire, but now I kinda wish I'd had the single coil available in the neck all these years. :(

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In the 70s I built a Tele with two DeMarzio Dual sounds on neck & bridge and a PAF in the middle.


One Vol, one tone and five mini switches. Each Double Sound had two, one did series, parallel and off, and the other did coil split on/off. The PAF had one that did in phase, off. out of phase.


Body was Iroko (African Iron Wood). It worked.



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I agree, never liked Les Pauls with three pick-ups, middle one get in the way sometimes of strummin. Plus they look too busy as you put it. However, there are a few exceptions, like an SG i found once white with gold hardware, it looked ok. Another one i thing looks good with three mini buckers are the Gibson Firebirds.
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