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Need accurate dimentions:

Dr. Ellwood

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Can anyone help me with this: I need an accurate layout of exactly where to locate the FENDER flat logo on the grille of my newely rebuilt Fender Pro Amp! something like the angle relative to the upper left hand corner right angle of the cabinet where it meets the grille cloth. I dont know anyone that has a Fender Pro Amp that I can take dimentions off of?
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I'd be PMing Myles - he may have one there to check for ya, or I'd check with vintage sites on the web - or there's gotta be one sittin' in a shop in Motown, Chicago, Gary, Indianapolis, Milwaukee - all close by for you - though if I were you, I'd be afraid to walk into one of those vintage shops - you might walk out with more than just dimensions in a candy store like that! :D
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