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Talking about Classics Tours--Alternate Thread

Pappy P

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I saw a concert on PBS last night.


A band called the Australian Pink Floyd.


What a production.


They accurately recreated classic Pink Floyd tunes live--down to minute details.


It was interesting to watch.


But I felt guilty every time they played a note slightly, ever so slighty incorrect. Guilty because I was saying to myself: "Ha, serves you right. No one can recreate Pink Floyd but Pink Floyd."


But then again, this is exactly what a performance of Beethoven or Brahms is meant to be--an accurate performance of a masterpiece as written.


What are your thoughts about this?


How far should a tribute band go?


If these guys came to your town, would you be intersted in paying a lot of money to see them?


Do you think it takes the fun or the energy out of the music by trying to duplicate a recorded piece verbatim?


Has anybody else heard of these guys?

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Tribute bands are okay, I guess but they never do what the original artist does as well as the original (well, almost never).


But even the originals sometimes screw it up. And not just because of dropped/broken picks, broken strings or unplugged whatzits.


Even the originals can; play it at an odd tempo, play wrong notes, leave bits of the song out, add in bits to the song, play parts of a song more than once, fall down (I saw Tim Farriss slip and bust his butt on stage by stepping on something slick, probably sweat -- that put a new twist on "What You Need" -- KRREEEEAAANNNGGGG :D ) or get lost and play the wrong part of the song.


It happens to all of us. Even the big guys make mistakes. Probably just not as many.


So, when a tribute band makes a mistake in a live performance, no it doesn't bother me. But if they screw it up in the studio and release it that way. Well, then, yeah that _does_ bother me.

Born on the Bayou


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I'm not much of a fan of tribute bands. It's like they don't have their own lives or something. Now, I've met a bass player out of Nashville who plays in a nationally touring Beatle cover band, but who also plays in other gigs.... I met him with Marty Robbins. And a drummer who jumps from one tribute band to another... so I guess on the national level, it isn't so weird. But I've seen a Doors cover band where the guy tries to BE Jim Morrison, and a Sprinsteen cover band where the lead singer tries to BE Springsteen, and it is just so... "I'm waiting for my closeup, Mr DeMille..." :eek:



"I believe that entertainment can aspire to be art, and can become art, but if you set out to make art you're an idiot."


Steve Martin


Show business: we're all here because we're not all there.



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Australian Pink Floyd is an experience you have to see. especially if you are too young (like me) to have seen PF in their heyday :wave:


i have no problem with what they are doing, and in fact, i understand that David Gilmour has given them his blessing.


they definitely give the original music ample respect, and have the musicianship to back them up.


i tend to get kind of irritated when i see a cover band that can't hack the material ~ regardless of whether it's true to the original or not.

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I watched a few minutes of that show and turned it off. Its not that they were a bad band, but it seemed lifeless to me. I have nothing against Pink Floyd, and if you like one artists music enough to play a tribute to them thats fine too. But why they were on TV when there are so many great original bands out there that could use the exposure. I was planning on sending an email to KERA (the station that played the show) asking if their budget cuts have fallen so much that this was the only show they could afford. It was basically an infomercial trying to sell tickets for the tour. Every few minutes they would flash ticket information on the screen.


I have kind of felt that the Dallas music scene has been in a decline of late, not because of a lack of musicians, its just that there is no support for them. The tribute band thing has taken over some of the clubs that used to feature great original music. There are only a couple of radio shows that play any local music also, and they are on like in the middle of the night or when no one will be listening. I wish public radio and TV, which asks us every day for local public support, would recipricate and support local music.


15 years ago or so the local public radio station was my favorite. They played an eclectic mix of music and quite a bit of lesser known acts. Several of my favorite artists and albums were things I first heard on KERA. I was a member then but they changed format to talk and news. Even though the news programs are good, I really miss the music. They play music only on Saturday nights now.


Back to the Pink Floyd thing. I recently bought the Roger Waters live DVD and it was great. I wish they would show that instead of a the tribute band. The playing and production was top notch. I don't want to take away at all from the muscians in the tribute band, its just that I would rather see the something more real on TV. I would bet that they payed a fee (or at least dind't get payed) to have the show on TV just so that they could sell tickets for the tour.


P.S. Nice name change for the halloween season Pappy.

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Originally posted by Count Pappula:


But then again, this is exactly what a performance of Beethoven or Brahms is meant to be--an accurate performance of a masterpiece as written.


Err... no. Orchestral conductors tend to play around with the music a lot. They speed things up and slow them down or whatever, and there's alternative arrangements of stuff.


For example, Albinoni's Adagio in G minor (??) started off as a piece for Organ & Orchestra and now, thanks to Maurice Andrè, it's pretty much a trumpet "standard". Something else that happens is that sometimes you simply don't HAVE that many oboe players (or whatever( and so you have to give their parts to the clarinets (say).


There's a lot of scope for individuality in classical music.


Also because, ok... on the sheet music it says "presto" or "andante" or "cantabile"... (or my favourite "andante con moto", which translates to "travelling with motorbike")


So what does "cantabile" mean really? In practical terms, I mean. How "cantabile" can something get? How pianissimo is pianissimo, how do you define "moto" and so on.

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Hey Vince:


I liked your review of Kaki King. Very detailed. I almost felt like I was there.


I'll take my lumps on my classical music anology. I only have one live performance and two or three different recordings to compare.


It's true what you say. Unfortunatley, I never had the previlage of meeting Mr. Brahms or being present while he was conducting. Then I could make a more accurate comparison of todays examples.


Being a hard-core Brahms lover, I do get irritated if a particular performance does not meet my expectations.


Next time I purchase a classical CD, I will look for Adante con Mota.

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Hey Gruupi:


I do agree with you, the performance was rather lifeless, but I still found it compelling.


You hit the nail on the head, PBS was running an info-mercial.


Your comments about the Dallas music scene are depressing to me. I remember how alive Deep Ellum was in the 80s and 90s. I must be guilty of the non-support, because I did not go down there often enough.


In my imagination, the music scene in Austin must be amazing. I wish I could force myself to go down there to experience it.

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Gruupi made an interesting observation about the prevalence of Tribute bands here in Dallas.


It must be true, I know of an AC/DC, and a Kiss, and a Pink Floyd. I shudder to think there may even be a REO Speedwagon, a Journey or a Boston lurking in our sleepy-burg.


Please, Tell me some of the tribute bands that have been spawned in your town.


I actually met a guy whole fills in for the keyboardist in the Pink Floyd Tribute band. His son and my son go to the same day care.


I was talking to him last night. They are spending some money on the Australian Pink Floyd show. The are going all out. Getting one of those suites and having a real party. I can understand thier interest.


This guy must be a great keyboard player. He told me he's been gigging with numerous bands continually for the past 18 years.

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