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hair metal assembly plant...

Kramer Ferrington III.

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Hey, back in the 1980s I saw an episode of "Entertainment This Week" (? was that what it was called? It was that show with Dixie Whatley) and they showed this sort of... assembly plant for hair metal bands. It was in CA, I think.


Anyway they showed this big, done up, industrial shed. Four normal looking guys would walk in and, in the course of an afternoon, they'd be turned into a hair metal band.


They'd get their spandex clothes selected for them off a huge rack and their hair would get done and so on. I'm not sure the guys necessarily knew each other before entering.


What the hell WAS that place, and does it still exist?

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Ah, yes, that place has changed ownership and become franchised into every mall in the US.


It is now called "Hot Topic," and instead of producing hair metal clones, it produces sarcastic teenage pop/punk clones.



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Originally posted by CMDN:

Ah, yes, that place has changed ownership and become franchised into every mall in the US...

Uhmm... no.


I just went and checked out their site and it's not the guys I meant, though some of the tees look pretty neat! ;)


Hey, maybe the thing I saw folded five minutes after the camera crew went home. It sounded like a pretty stupid (and cynical) idea even at the time.


But the place was like a proper band factory.


They'd gather together four or five guys who could play a band's instruments and, over the course of an afternoon, they'd would go through this complete makeover for them. As long as they stuck to covers at first, it'd pretty much work. I guess.


Anyway, they must have folded... **tsk**

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Well, since all of my regular hair has gone away, I'd be willing to try some metal hair. Where is this plant? (anybody got a brillo pad? Maybe afros will come back...)



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Kinda reminds me of a show on MTV a couple years ago. I forgot the name of it, but they took random band fans, kidnapped em, and made them to look like theyre favorite band. I think there was one for 4 guys who liked Limp Bizkit, so they took em all around, made em look like the members of Limp Bixkit and then shot a music video. Although none of them usually had musical talent. The funniest ones were the boy band ones, theyd make the kids look like Nsync or Backstreet Boys, then teach them the dances, and shoot a fake music video. Wow, how retarded ideas become reality on MTV, like Jackass.
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