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Zero fret


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I'm reading about these and liking the concept. It makes the nut material less significant, and should even out any high or low spots that a soft nut might have. Anybody got one of these now, and if so, are there other benefits as well?
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I've had a few guitars in the past that had this, and I think that none of the major manufacturers do it, so I'm guessing that it is a cheap-out technique for insuring that the person who files the nut can't screw it up. They were interesting, but really kind of like fancy fret markers.... in the long run, they make no real difference.... at least, not to me.



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(This has come up before, more than once: f'rinstance, this "Pros and cons of zero-frets?"-thread ...)


Well, as long as it's properly dressed (along with all of the other frets), the main advantage is that fretting at the first few positions feels more like it would a little further up the neck with a capo, with less likelihood of the stiff feel and quirky intonation (particularly on an unwound 3rd-string) that can result from a less than perfect nut. A nice low smooth feeling action in the first few positions is practically guaranteed. If the fret-dress and the rest of the set-up is top-notch, there's no 1st-fret-buzz on open-strings, either.


Also, open strings will sound more consistently like fretted notes would.


Many fine old "vintage" Gretsches and Hofners, among others, and some new custom and low-production pricey "boutique" instruments, have used the zero-fret. Steinbergers use 'em, too... (And, yes, a lot of cheap cheesy guitars did, too.) The good examples that I've played felt and sounded great!

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