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Anyone here checked out Sheets Of Sound?


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I can't see how you'd go wrong, if tightening up your chops is your goal; I sniffed around on the author's 'site concerning that series of books, they look to be excellent; there're samples of text (standard notation, maybe tab too, don't remember for sure) that you can download.


The author's a Jazzer, trad/bop/cool arch-top kinda guy, who's sons are into more rock/fusiony kinds of things, according to the 'site. So I'd imagine that anyone who wants to get serious about lead and fill chops regardless of style could get something out of the series!

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Well, I got it yesterday, and at first glance it came off a bit intimidateing. I had some time so I worked through the first chapter, Linear Scales, and quickly realized that basically he shows you an idea and then takes that idea diatonically up the fretboard and repeats for each string set, sometimes taking a few pages to do it. A solid foundation with modal theory is required as there is not much explanation for the examples. Definetely not a beginners book.


There are some pretty unique patterns here, a lot of which are based on Frank Gambale type of economy picking, which I don't use, it's too smooth and fusiony for rock, but they still work well with alternate and hybrid picking. Actually, my left hand got more of a workout than my right, some pretty mean streches involved.


Outside of technique, I think the patterns present the fretboard in an un-guitaristic way, some remind me of pedal steel type of runs. I wouldn't really call it a method book, I would say it would be good for people looking for a better, or maybe different, view of the fretboard, or for those in need of some rut-busting.


I'm really looking forward to tackling some of the latter chapters. :thu:

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Originally posted by pauldil:

GtrWiz, is it just a book or does it come with a CD of examples too?




It's just a book, it has tab and all of the examples are streams of straight 8ths or 16ths, so reading shouldn't be a problem. There isn't much text, but if you already have your modes together, they don't really require much explanation.


I worked on some of chapter 2 last night, pentatonics, some really tough streches.

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