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Fret Buzz


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I'm having a real annoying problem with my Les Paul.


First, let me be fair and say that it was in the closet for a few years and hasn't had a professional setup. I just can't afford it right now.


I've set it up the best I could for now and it's not bad. However, I'm getting a buzz at the bottom string, 15th fret. No where else am I experiencing this problem on the guitar... just that one string and fret.


I looked at the fret wires at that area and they seem to be ok.


So, any suggestions on how I deal with one little fret buzz (other than not fretting there)?


If not, I can deal with it until I get it set up by someone better than me.


One good thing I can say about this guitar, it stays in tune!



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Let me start out by stating that even the BEST guitars have their particular idiosyncracies.


The LP is no exception.


Where the fingerboard joins the body, (is it the 16th fret on a LP?), there tends to be a slight swelling of the FB in that area. Usually though, buzzing will begin to occur on most of the strings, and over the distance of a couple frets. SOLUTION: a professional fret dress and setup.


However, with just one string, and the outside string, your problem sounds like a fret end has popped up, probably the 16th fret. SOLUTION: It needs to be stabilized, glued back down, then a complete setup and fret dress....by a pro...


I'm sorry there is no less expensive solution, unless you just want to raise the action. You have a GREAT guitar...bite the bullet and have it fixed right.

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Yeah. I'll have to get it looked at by a pro.


I've been back into the guitar for a month now and am only now noticing how badly my guitar needs a setup. I guess the ears are getting better. I mostly play clean so the buzzes, deadspots, etc. are really coming through.


What's really getting me to notice these little things more is that I've been doing lots of chord work (from Ted Greene's stuff).


I think for now, I'm going to get a basic setup job done on the guitar from a music store down the road. Later on next year, I'll take it to a pro luthier in the area and get it tweaked from top to bottom.


This sucks! Not that my guitar is messed up... I expected that. What sucks is that I don't have the same fire to practice right now because it sounds like shit (so does my amp.. another story). Again, I guess this is progress.


You're right though. This LP I have is a great guitar.


Thanks for the advice.

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