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3 fingers on 1 fret?


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Funkenjazzstein has a good one


try this, too


---2--- Ring

---2--- index



-------X - don't play


I was right about the jimmy deans,eh?


Also practice mushing your freeting hand's index finger against your thumb and getting that middle knuckle to bend to where an inverted arc is formed


then apply that index finger and barr accross those 2nd fret notes with that finger shape


Have fun !!


You'll get it, just gotta keep at it.


Thing is, don't get all ate up on one chord. Practice the others, also

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The best fingering is the one that works best for you, and for the music! I personally can't play a standard "A form" barre chord on acoustic guitar, not for lack of skill, but because the joint on my third finger falls on exactly the wrong spot - and since I can't grow a new set of hands.... However, for many years I have found ways to work around it, and no one has ever complained!


Having said that, it never hurts to try the "standard" fingerings on classical pieces or others... what might be awkward at first (if you have a weak pinky or something) might turn out to be the most easiest efficient way of doing it!


If you like a musical passage, why not try it in several places on the neck, starting on different fingers? Naturally, you will probably set on a particular one for practical porpoises....


And then I think of the old interview with Julian Bream where he described how he fingered a certain piece a certain way to keep a certain note on the A string for consistent sound... as in, "the music comes first." Lots of things to think about.. and of course, guitarists always argue about these things. Ultimately, of course, if it's ME on stage, well, "it's me, it's me, it's me, o Lord, standing in the need of prayer."

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