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Has anyone tried the Agile AL-2500?


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Until recently I had the Agile 2500 gold top with two P-90's...I let it go reluctantly to fund some other needed gear.


Neck was very comfortable and played very fast. Before I got it I thought that due to the cheap price I would be trading the P-90's out for another set, but ended up leaving it stock - very responsive, and I was able to coax all kinds of nice sounds out of it. Fit and finish, as on most Agiles, was excellent. (Although I will tell you that occasionally the gold top seemed to take on a slightly green caste in certain lighting situations.)


I can't comment on the three P-90 version, but I really liked my gold top. (And I might just replace it in a few months with a new one. Agiles don't exactly break the bank.)


Hope this helps!

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