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what amp do you play?


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'53 Gibson Recording amp in a Fender cab with a Fender 12" speaker. It originally came with a 15" in a bulkier cab. It sings, it screams, it gives much joy. I have others, but they're too big for the rooms I currently play in. All fx are outboard, no fx loop, as it predates them.
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I've shown pictures of the "Wall 'O Amps" before. It's okay, but nothing compared to Miles' collection. But what I -play- these days is the THD UniValve or the Reverend Goblin.



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Originally posted by muzakal:

hey guitar55 good luck with the lonestar classic, imo the clean channel on that amp is the best you'll find. i couldnt get any satisfactory crunch sounds to suit my needs so i went with the tsl-601

I plan to put a pedal in front of it. Thanks!
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For acoustic, or real clean stuff; a mid 1980's Roland Jazz Chorus 55W, 2 x 10 :cool:


For "Classic Rock"; a 1993 Randall Tube Pro II, 50W, 1 x 12 :thu: Not "Classic", but it has A/B Channels, Reverb, Prescence, EFX Loop, Circuit Breaker instead of Fuse, 1/3 Power Switch (still MORE than enough), and can use EL34 or 6L6 power tubes (bias switched). All the bells and whistles (and volume) I'll ever need :D

Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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AER Compact 60 for acoustic/jazz


Fender Redknob Twin with Mojotone speakers (mr. versatile)


Budda Stringmaster 2x10 in a Sultone cab, WeberVST speakers (currently on the injured reserve list)



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Originally posted by Dead Man's Shoes:

Marshall TSL-122.


It's loud, heavy and versatile.

I'll second that.


When I'm playing a solo gig, if I use electric at all...I'll run a POD v.2.0 straight into the board. But, for band stuff, it's the TSL-122

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My primary rig is a Rivera Knucklehead Reverb 100 into a Marshall 1960 cab. It's extemely versatile - everything from shimmery cleans to screaming distortion and it all sounds great.

I also run a Hiwatt DR103 loaded with Mullards (sweet, sweet tones :) ), and most recently, Reverends Goblin and Kingsnake.

I used to use a rack mount system with a 300 watt Carver power amp, Quadraverb, and a Marshall 9001. Yech. :( That's when I was young and stupid though ;) At least I can still use the power amp and Quadraverb for the studio...

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1970 Twin w/Blackface Mod


Jump both channels w/ TC Electronics Chorus


Yellow Jackets w/ EL 84's so it runs @ 40W Class A


Sometimes I pull the outside 2 out for 20W Class A


Also pulled the back off and put 3/4 Birch Plywood to close the back off for more definition when doing powerchords


Distorted w/ NADY TD-1 for rhythm crunch

Bad Cat 2 Tone for clean boost and semi dirty stuff



for the clean and semi dirty


And then i want to A/B into a Plexi type amp w/ the variac and dummy load for the intense stuff

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I recently bought a Bose Pas and that is now my main amp.


Bass sounds incredible with 2 subs, and my guitars sound present and clear and clean with plenty of volume. The preset EQ setting on the inputs make a lot of difference in the sound.

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