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Kansas City gets not one, but TWO new Guitar Centers...


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Originally posted by Gruupi:

I am sad Mars went out of business, while they were here they kept Guitar Center on their toes. Now its as bad as shopping at Wall-Mart.

I'm not too crazy about the prices at Guitar Center. When it comes time to get a guitar though, I don't know where else to go around here. We have a Sam Ash too but the selection at GC blows them away.


How are GC's in terms of giving you a better deal than what's listed on the sticker price? If I slapped down the cash to take an axe then and there (not a cheap on either... a PRS or a 335... not to mention a good amp), do they generally give better deals?

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Just ask them, "what's the lowest you can go on this?" They will sometimes bring the price down. Then deduct 10% more and ask them if they can do that.


Some products have a lot of room to budge (usually high ticket stuff) and some not so much.




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