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OT: Finally - Game On!


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Finally, hockey's back!


Tonight at 7:00, I'll be kicking back in my living room with my wife and two boys, frosty cold one close by, watching the puck finally get dropped to kick off the much-anticipated (at least by me) NHL season. I like football and basketball, but no other sport compares to hockey for me. I'll be cheering on my hometown Sabres as they take on the team from Long Island.


What are you other hockey fans out there doing tonight? Is anyone going to a game?

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Go Caps!!!! Maybe like every other local team this year, they can start out with a bang and drop off the radar halfway through the season.

Except for the Bayhawks lacrosse team... but non of you have heard of them, right? Oh, and the Ravens are now "1 and 0", right? That'll last a week.

Still wish they'd bring back hockey to Baltimore- I remember the Clippers and the Skipjacks from my youth. Man, I'm old now, aren't I?

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No, Dan, you're not old. If you can remember the Buffalo Bison "Pepsi cap" logo, then you might be old like me. I remember seeing Jean Beliveau and Gump Worsley play (without a mask) and the first NHL game I saw in person was the Buffalo Sabres against the Kansas City Scouts. Also, you would be moderately old if you remember the Cleveland Barons, California Golden Seals, Colorodo Rockies, and the Atlanta (not Calgary) Flames. Hell, I used to have an Atlanta jersey.
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Well, i agree thank God hockeys back! I need something to watch between Nextel races on the weekends. (go Tony Stuart!) Anyways, goin for my same two teams, Red Wings, and my home team the Mighty Ducks. Even though they dont win much, i gotta cheer em on, its that Orange County pride thing. Watchin the games tonight.
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Hockey? What's that?!? :confused:


Just kidding. :D Not much opportunity for hockey here in Atlanta although I have been to see the Thrashers (sometimes called the Trashers) play a couple of times.


I don't understand the sport well enough to like or dislike it. It's becoming more popular here in Atlanta, though. Especially since more than half the population is from "up nawth", now. ;)

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Go Sharks!




Don't care for the NFL anymore, or the NBA for that matter. It was a long winter last year without hockey...It should be an interesting season, with so many players switching teams and the upcoming rule changes.


A few visits to the Shark Tank are definitely in order.

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I'm glad hockey is back. Played a couple of seasons in an adult beginner league and it really made me appreciate what the pros can do. The speed and skill at the NHL level (or even the high school level) is amazing.


The players don't seem to mind talking to the fans either. They're by far the most approachable of the pro athletes.


BTW the Sharks sure had alot of time with the man advantage last night. Too bad they could only score two. :D



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It's pure B.S., and obvioulsy inaccurate. I suspect it is posted for effect, not for accuracy.


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