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to Ibanezbob on stage presence


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I was just wondering what conclusions you came to on you stage presence thread? It strayed away from the question, which i tried to stop, but hypocrtically joined in on. Oh well. But did you have further questions, or do you think you have a handle on where to go from here?
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Hey revorhythm,

most people agreed with me that its more important the way you sound. I think my question was kinda vague. I know that stage presence is important, but the bassist could care less how he sounds on stage and that just pisses me off. I don't really remember what your take on this was.


Just curious, did you ever hear of the Fine Arts Festival? The band was in a competition this past summer and made it to the national level and was able to play neat colorado springs. Just wondering if you were there to check it out.


Anyway, Thanks I appriciate it

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