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Favourite "Build a Strat" parts?

DC Ross

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Originally posted by GtrWiz:

Originally posted by Mike Gug:



My Strat neck from these guys is absolutely tremendous.

+1 for Tommy, Just got an old retired strat back with one of his necks, excellent work. Nice guys too.
They'll talk to you to help determine what you need too. Great service.


Nothing against Stew Mac or Warmoth (mainly because I havn't used them), but I'll get my next batch of stuff from these guys. I wanna build a Jazzmaster.




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Sometimes ya can walk into a music shop and they'll have bodies for sale. I once bought a mahogany strat body for 50.00. I took the neck from an Ibanez Siver Series(very close Fender clones), mini hums from a LP Deluxe, and a Badass bridge, had it finished with tung oil, and love the way it plays and sounds.
Never a DUH! moment! Well, almost never. OK, OK! Sometimes never!
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I found an alder body by Allparts that looked really nice in a shop in Rome, although it's 2 pieces I decided to finish it with shellac. It looks nice and sounds fantastic...the price was not low but it was outstanding among other ones. I added a canadian neck I found in a guitar shop that has no logos, it shouldn't be a Warmoth although the guy in the shop told me so...but I could recognize it as a beautiful piece, bird eye maple and ebony, looks and feels terrific. I got it here it is:




just for completeness, pickups are original fenders from '78 (I still own the original body, very heavy and awful to my taste, the neck was broken) I substituted two pots with push-pull ones so I can have the bridge in series on everything, change phase of neck and when in fourth position with the volume pot pulled up, a bridge alone with tone control. When pots are down all is normal.


Ha, forgot... Spertzel locking tuners and graphite nut.

Guess the Amp

.... now it's finished...

Here it is!



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