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Sonar-Midi-Sound & Lights

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Anybody doin' any midi control live show stuff? I'm beginning work on a Christmas program for my church. I plan to use Sonar to "play" the music track. If it all works out ok I can clone the track and send the clone to the Choir sidefill monitors complete with a volume envelope to automate the "too quiet" sections(this is always a pain to do manually especially when you forget about the monitor mix). Might do some on the FOH track too. Now to me, the cool thing is setting up a midi track to control the lighting system. I'm using a Leprecon LP1600 48ch with a Midiman Midisport 2x2 USB interface. Should be a lot of fun if everything works. Hopefully I won't have any dropouts or crash. Maybe I could burn a CD with a mono audio track & smpte? Any other ideas? paul
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