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I'm trying to learn the solo in the song Shade by silverchair but there 0ne bit in the tab that i can't seem to figure out does anyone know the song and can give me some advice. This is the part that i'm stuck on.









I think the tab is wrong but the rest of the song is right so might just be me?

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I'm with BlueStrat here. Most of the tabs I find on the Internet appear to be wrong. So, I've pretty much given up on them. I do buy "official" music books and even find that some of those are wrong (or at least not how the recording sounds).


I picked up "The Old Man Down The Road" by John Fogerty late last year and all the tabs I could find were wrong (some were completely wrong). I'm finding the same thing with BlueBoy (also by Fogerty), sigh :rolleyes: .


I usually look at the tabs on the Internet first just to see where people are with them. But so many of them are wrong I only use them as a starting point. Some are so bad that should be removed. My ear has to guide me the rest of the way.


That's one of the reasons I bought one of these: TASCAM CDGT1MKII Portable CD Guitar Trainer . I use the slow speed mode with the pitch correction. It makes it pretty easy to pick out riffs. I don't use the play along feature but I suppose that would be pretty useful if you're trying to learn to play the song along with that band.


It's amazing that with all the zillions of songs out there you keep hearing things you've never heard before.

Born on the Bayou


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Trust your ears!


That doesn't look so strange, and it sounds alright if played as per the tab you show (although the G and B strings are reversed, though I'd guess that's just a common typo).


But if it doesn't sound like the recording to you, OR IF YOU SIMPLY LIKE IT BETTER ANOTHER WAY, trust your ears, whether the tab is right or wrong!

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