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Vantage Guitars


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Did anyone ever have one of these?


Vantage Guitars


I used to own the blue AV-325 back in '82. It was my second electric guitar.


It was kind of neat. You could pull the two volume knobs to switch the pickups from humbucking to single coil. Man, did the single coils buzz though.


It was a very light instrument so the sustain kind of sucked.


Since I didn't have a whammy bar, I bent the crap out of the neck (don't do that with my LP :D ).


After this axe, I never played a maple-necked instrument again, preferring a rosewood neck.

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A friend of mine has the mahogany (at least, I think it's mahogany) AV-325. I think it sounds great but he has had an ongoing intonation problem. So you can either tune it a little flat and play on the high frets or tune it natural and play on the low frets. He's thinking of taking it to a luthier to get the intonation problem fixed.


I like the feel of the neck on this guitar but the frets seem a little low to me.

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