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It came!


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Its setup quite, well, though I'll probably get some adjustments done. I just tuned it and started playing. It sounds great. I dont know what gage strings, all it said was "Equipped with GHS strings."


The guy at Rondo music is great, he answered all my questions (I usually got a responce in less than 5 minutes) and it come in 3 days (ordered wed). I couldnt be happier with it.

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Web site says 10 lbs. This is the upgraded version without being the deluxe version with the ebony finger board.


mash: where is the page that compares all of the models?

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Ok, the review is up on harmony central...


Price Paid: US $309.99


Features: 9

Bone nut (also includes a graphite nut), Alnico Pickups, hand filed frets, Canadian maple top, solid mahogany top body, grover tuners, jumbo frets, 22 fret set neck, and mother of pearl neck inlays.


Sound: 9

The sound is incredible. I play southern, classic, and heavy rock, and this guitar covers all of them very well. It has the nice Les Paul tone guitar players loves. I have a small, 15W Line 6 Spider II amp, and the Agile sounds great with it. From Clean to Insane, this guitar sounds great. The sound is very rich, with a variety of tones. This is a great guitar for all styles of music.


Action, Fit, & Finish: 10

The finish is incredible, even better than pictured on the Rondo Music site. I have found no flaws with this guitar, it came with nice GHS strings installed and it was ready to play. Though made in Korea, I still haven't found anything wrong with it. The finish is incredible quality, you could almost mistake it for a Gibson if you didn't know better.


Reliability/Durability: 8

At 10lbs, this thing seems just as sturdy as a Les paul. It was built very well, strdy as can be. The finish looks and feels incredible, it would take a lot to wear it off. The strap buttons are very small, and though I haven't had any problems with them yet, I will probably get some strap locks to make sure it's as sturdy as possible. The only thing I would worry about during a gig would be popping a string, but I haven't so far and I would worry about that with any guitar.


Customer Support: 10

The customer support was great. I emailed him frequently, and almost all of them were answered within 5 minutes of sending the email. Also, i ordered this on a Wednesday, and recieved it via FedEx that Saturday. With only a 3 days wait, I have nothing to complain about.


Overall Rating: 10

I've been playing for about 2 years. I previously had a Squier Bullet, which was good to learn on and see if I wanted to go on or not, but I wanted to upgrade. I've always loved the Les Paul look and sound, but it would take me a while to even get the money for an Epiphone. I'm extremely glad I found out about Agiles, because I love it even more than Epiphones and it cost only $310. If stolen, I would definatley buy another one. This guitar is awesome for the money. 10/10 value easily.



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