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Seeing how we happily post away on food threads, I named this creation "Foodgasm".


Ordinary BBQ sauce

Madras curry

chile powder

dijon mustard

chopped jalapenos

chopped garlic


mix proportions according to your preferences (and bravery), and marinate your chicken wings, seafood, or pork ribs and prepare to be amazed.


Not for the faint of heart or digestive system.

Will not result in "first date" breath.

Will clear sinuses.

May induce screams of pain/pleasure depending on your spice tolerance.

Never a DUH! moment! Well, almost never. OK, OK! Sometimes never!
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2-3 small cans of clams-- 2 chopped 1 minced, if you're down with working with fresh clams, be my guest.


1 bottle of clam juice


1 lb linguine


a bunch of flat leaf parsley, pick off the leaves, wash 'em and chop them or rip them up if that is your bag


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Black Pepper, to taste


a couple of pinches of salt


1 entire bulb of garlic, peeled "blessed" and chopped ("Blessing" is when you shmush the garlic with the side of a wide knife to get the juices flowing sort of)


options ('splained below)


Worschestire Sauce


Anchovy paste


red or white wine


two-three tablespoons of Peccorino Romano or Parm. Reggiano


1/4 cup of heavy cream


3- 4 tablespoons of tomato paste


1-2 chopped tomatos-- seeds and gunk removed


two tablespoons of butter


Good crusty bread


warm up your widest flat non-reactive pan (I don't like Iron for this), add a bit of oil not quite to cover the bottom


When it is warm add the garlic, heat as low as possible. Stir it up occassionally. The goal is to get the garlic to cook and sweeten up slowly and not to burn it or to "toast" it, brown it slowly. "Toasting" this garlic can work in this kind of a thing but I don't do it for this.


When the garlic is nearly brown add the salt, pepper and stir it. If you are going to add a little anchovy paste, add it now and sneak in a bit of wine to mix everything up. Then add the "juice", wine and drain the clams of their juice and add that but not the clams. If you're going to add tomato paste or tomatos or Worschestire sauce add it now. If you are doing tomatos then I like using of all things Merlot or Pinot Noir, if no tomatos then I like Chardonney. In any event since tomatos have some alchol soluble flavors then you need to add the wine with or before them to get the flavors out. Bring this to a boil.


Start boiling the water for the pasta and cook that while the clam sauce (sans clams) is reducing.


Once the sauce is reduced (taste it, it should be pretty strong), add the parsely.


Add any cream or cheese or butter to "finish it" and lower the heat. If using an electric stove you really need to let the temp come down before adding the clams or they'll over cook before you're ready.


When the pasta is almost ready to drain, add the clams and stir. Drain the almost down pasta and add to the sauce-- rinsing is not even wanted so don't think about it.


Finish the pasta in the sauce.


Another trick is to drain the sauces' contents out and finish boiling the pasta in the sauces liquids (so we don't destroy the clams), then draining the pasta and finish reducing the sauce if needed.


Reducing the sauce is what this is about. All the flavors need to be concentrated to flavor the pasta.


None, any or all (really, all is an option, abit over the top but still an option) of the options work well. I don't love the anchovy paste, my wife seems to like it in this meal. I do taste a difference with the wine choice, unless I've over powered it with other stuff.


The bread is for dipping in the sauce, so how much liquid is left depends on the amount you reduce the sauce.


You many need to adjust amounts to your taste, especially with wine (which I left up to you but let's stay at or above a 1/3 cup) the clams, the pasta, etc.


Basil is often used in this instead of parsley, there are many other recipes for this meal, but this is the one that works for me. I use a lot of parsley BTW, to me it is a "star" in this meal. Most times when I see basil used it is a compliment to the meal, for my version the Parsley is meant to be tasted in like a triangle offense of garlic parsley and clam juice flavor.

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That dish of yours is very similar to our Sicilian family favorite, "Clams and Spaghetti", but we always use linguine. Ours is a white sauce with no cream, tomatoes or anchovy paste, but yours sounds fabulous as well. Congrats!

Never a DUH! moment! Well, almost never. OK, OK! Sometimes never!
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Marinate chunks of steak in 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part olive oil, chopped scallions, maybe a little water if it is too salty, basil, lemon. Once it is marinated for a couple hours or so take it out and put it on skewers and put a shitload of fresh ground pepper on it (i mean a shitload).


Then put chunked green peppers, mushrooms, red bell peppers, tomatos, and onions in olive oil with lemon for the same period and again but some salt and tons of pepper on them. Put them on skewers (I prefer wooden that are soaked for 20 min in water).


Grill the steak and the veggies and then serve them over whatever kind of rice you like. You can also heat up the sauce for the steak to kill bacteria and serve that over the rice as well.

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Hey Bluescape, thanks. That means a lot to me in that it give my recipe a bit of authenticity or creadibility. The optional ingredients are just that, options. I use the worschestire sauce in it a lot, tomatos and or tomato paste a lot.


I'm going to try that marinade of yours -- sans the curry, sorry-- pretty soon.


Hey Flagshipmile, have you ever tried that with Shrimp?


I was just using one of Guitarzan's spam missles here but this is also a good thread to keep going in it's own right.

check out some comedy I've done:


My Unitarian Jihad Name: Brother Broadsword of Enlightened Compassion.

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