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EMG question


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i have decided i would like the Kramer Pacer Custom that i have to be a full fledged metal axe.

it is ready for a Hum/single/single setup.

while i want it to crunch like no tommorrow i still would like to do some clean tones with it. i don't want power that is a one trick pony.

i like a clear non muddy tone and if i have to mention some emg users who i like (for tone) it would be:

Judas Priest (new)

Zakk Wylde


bottom line i want it to kick but i hate a muddy low end.

which EMG pickups are going to do me in a hum/sing/sing setup?

i like using the neck for solos so i don't mind having a single that thinks it is a humbucker.

and it has a 5 way switch if i forgot to mention.

alder body

real floyd rose

rosewood fretboard

my amp has a full set of active tone controls so i can sculpt fairly easily , balanced tone would be nice. i don't like honky mid pushed pickups, so keep that in mind when you suggest a setup.

thanks guys in advance, i know i can get some valuable info from you.

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i like chunka, but i like some lead tones too.

75% or more of my playing is rythym so i could live with chunka.

i was leaning towards the 81 Dr.Taz

what set did you have Darklava?

the SG is mahogany and short scale, i may ave different results with a 25.5 scale and a floyd rose.

not a recipe for mud, maybe thinness.

i have also thoght of Bill Lawrence pickups.

i have heard comparisons between emg and Lawrences humbuckers pop up before. funny because BL are not active low impedance.

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Hmmn, one word I wouldn't have associated with EMG's active, battery-powered pickups would be "muddy". I do not mean at all to contradict, 'Lava or anybody, it's just been my experience that they are anything but muddy. I have a Strat-styled axe with active EMG 85/SA/SA H/S/S pickups in it, and I've had it since 1988.


FWIW, though, I don't care at all for their passive pickups, the EMG "Select"-line.


I really think that, for what you've stated above, you'd really like the same pickups (EMG 85/SA/SA), or maybe thew SA's along with the even hotter, even mo' metal 81 or even mo' versatile 89 dual-voice humbuckers; and I highly recommend EMG's "SPC"-control to go with it, to make full use of that SA single-coil type pickup if you "like using the neck for solos" and "don't mind having a single that thinks it is a humbucker".


Speaking of that 89... it's a pretty unique pickup design, not exactly the same thing as tapping or splittling coils in a conventional humbucker:


From the EMG 'site:


"The EMG-89 is a dual-mode pickup. There is no electronic filtering going on to simulate a coil tap. There are two bona fide pickups in a single humbucking housing. The single coil portion of the EMG-89 is located on the logo side of the pickup. It is identical in sound to the EMG-SA. The humbucking portion is spread across the entire pickup and sounds like the EMG-85. It's perfectly OK to rotate the pickup 180 degrees to locate the single coil portion of the pickup further away from the bridge for a "beefier" tone. You may also order the EMG-89R, which has the single-coil portion located opposite the logo."

Here're some links to a few threads relating to this, with lots o' people chimin' in:


http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/icons/icon2.gif Pre-Distortion EQ Choices


http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/icons/icon2.gif Mid range boost


http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/icons/icon2.gif Killer pickups for a Les Paul Standard


Chunka-chunka-chunka-wang-kerrrRRRAAAANGGG!!! :thu::cool:

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

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I have only had one guitar with active pickups and I hated it. It just didn't seem like they picked up any sound of the wood or character of the guitar. It was just an un-musical tone. I don't know if it was partly the guitar but it was a very well made instrument.


I don't really play metal so I can't help you there but I always like a guitar, pickups, and amp that really lets the character of what your doing with your fingers come through. In a super saturated or heavy crunch sound maybe the opposite is true in that you are trying to minimize any vibrations other than that of the isolated strings.

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i read the threads Caevan, it sound like i would love the h/s/s setup of a 85 sa sa. i have to re-read the emg info on thier site, i thought the 85 was more of a neck pickup, and the 81 was more suited to the bridge. the 85 uses alnico magnets doesn't it?

i have my lg to give me vintage sounds so i don't mind not getting them with the kramer. as long as i can get some useful cleans and such.

i definately want an exg and spc in place of regular tone controls if i go EMG, which i really want to after reading all the info.

now i am gassing for sure. i am betting if i bought a prewired and loaded pickguard it would be cheaper than buying everything separate, even if i didn't need the pickguard.

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I have an ESP strat with EMG's, all singles. Love the sound - no mud, lotsa squonk, great clean sound as well, really compatible with fx. Dunno their model line by rote, but I think their website will say which ones are used by Hammett, Lukather, Gilmour, etc. to help dial in the tone you're after.
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cool Bluesape, now do any of you have any tunes recorded with the EMG loaded axes?

Gruupi, i was under the impression that EMG pickups were unforgiving in that the true sound of the guitar was captured without any colour added as it is with passive pickups.

that could be why some don't like them, i think the guitar has alot to do with it. some guitars benefit from the peaks and colour of passive pickups.

that is one thing that sometimes bugs me. i want a tone where i can get a clear response where all the strings come through, esp with distortion.

i have a p90 LG to handle any vintage or standard tones i need.

i was talking to an older gentleman at the local store and he was praising EMGs like no tommorrow, he was in a swing band. that suprised me because i didn't picture that as tone that EMGs would excell . i know what you are saying, the sterile comment comes up often when talking about EMGs.

my amp is a Yamaha dg100 and it has a full compliment of active tone controls, that may be the ticket to making the EMGs work for my needs.

i appreciate your comments, thanks.

Caevan, i forgot to mention i dislike emg selects as well. they do suck monkey butt.

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Originally posted by Guitarzan:

i was talking to an older gentleman at the local store and he was praising EMGs like no tommorrow, he was in a swing band. that suprised me because i didn't picture that as tone that EMGs would excell .

He may be referring to this model, if it isn't the 85:



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