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Redwing, an old timey flatpicker tune


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Just cause I couldn't make the Winfield festival this year....


Just finished another proto install of a MagPi system in a Washburn EA10. This is a plied top,mini jumbo sized guitar. I couldn't fit the magnetic pickup into the guitar itself, so a rosewood mounting ring was cut, and the original electronics pulled(saddle transducer with a cheesy preamp). Installed the controls in the original barn door box.


The recording uses the guitar on both the lead and rhythm track. Bass is an electroCoustic. NO buffering preamp, EQ or compression was used on the guitars. Just straight to the DAW, added a bit of verb. 13-56 Nickel wound Martin strings are used on the guitar.


Redwing, an old timey flatpicker


Here's a photo of the install. Controls are volume, mix(40mag/60piezo on the mp3), and treble rolloff.



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Sounds pretty damn good, particualrly so for a plywood-topped guitar, Dave! (That's a compliment to your MagPi system.) Has that "mic'ed"-quality that's impressive in a D/I'd take.


"Barn door box"! I like that!

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The wooden tailpiece and bridge have a lot of appeal, not least because it will lighten the guitar a little and I like the look.

The ongoing problems I mentioned are mainly to to with taking things out from the guitar and putting them back in.....very tricky and frustrating sometimes.Always open to better sounding pickups.

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