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Amp head cases

Virtual Jim

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Hi all.


As I've mentioned before in my on-again-off-again stops into this forum, I play a Marshall JCM 600 head amp. (I took y'all's advice and got an Avatar cab... shit's killer. Thanks)


Anyway, I was thinking about getting a case for the head for out of town gigs. Since it's smaller than what's generally thought of as a Marshall head, I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on where to find an appropriate case. The dimensions are 565 x 460 x 265 (mm) or 22 x 18 x 10.5".


Any suggests are greatly appreciated!

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"Get Off Of My Case" makes my cases. It is a small company run by a local bass player. When you call, I think you get his grandmother. They also do the tour cases for local bands like Rusted Root and the Clarks. Google them.



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I found a place on Ebay that makes cases for next to nothing. I think they are called Island Cases. Anyway the cases are cheap and they custom build them. They are thin but they are built well. You can also get a stronger case if you want (they just cost more). I've had a cabinet case for my Mesa 2x12 cab for over a year and never had a problem. Good casters. I only spent $180 for my cabinet case and that included shipping. Anyway, check em out.



It'll all be fine
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