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Dr. Ellwood

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I was reviewing some of the older posts and noticed some of them around the time of the reorganization. Because I am relatively new to the forum could someone give a short synopsis of what exactly the issues where leading to the reorganization of the forums? What are the reasons...moderator implications... your opinions on how the new organization is progressing...Just general information on these and other issues the forum faces? Thanks I am just trying to understand the history of these events.
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the old forum just got "sold" as I understand it. Craig had a ton of other stuff going on and the forum took a lot of work.


"Fame is like death: We will never know what it looks like until we've reached the other side. Then it will be impossible to describe and no one will believe you if you try."

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Look at the archives of Craig Anderton's SSS. The "SSS is moving" thread has a lot of info (and a lot of jape), but the cliff notes version is...


MusicPlayer wanted to align the forums more closely with their print publications.


Craig Anderton's forum (sort of a home base) doesn't really line up particularly with any given MusicPlayer publication.


Craig got word of this "align more closely" concept in a somewhat nebulous manner, and decided the best thing was to find a new host. (Anderton's forum dates back to AOL newsgroups in the mid to late 90's)


Craig's new host is paying him some modest fee to moderate (it was unpaid here at Music Player)


Some of the other general forum moderators felt a loyalty to Craig, and moved along with him. They also feel the new host is an improved business opportunity, as far as I can tell.


All those folks can and do still post in this network - hey its a free country!


There's a lot of layers to the situation, but in my opinion, Craig Anderton is a "brand name" in musician periodicals, and the Music Player folks made a mistake in letting him and his audience/coffee klatsch go elsewhere. A good crowd of folks on a lively forum can drive eyeballs to your print publications in IMHO.


It is good to see the "editor's office" forums pop up. We'll see how it goes with that.

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