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Gianinni guitars


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Anybody remeber them? I think they were made in Brazil. The acoustics and classicals that I saw were easliy on a par with the Yammy's and Taks of that era, 20 - 25 years ago. They played well, sounded great, and were very well priced. If I found one in good shape today, particularly in a 12 string, I'd be very tempted.
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There were some that were decent and some that were really made with sub-standard materials. They all seemed to sound good though. Visit my website to see what I did to repair an 8 year old Craviola that looked like Willie Nelson's Martin... See before and after at www.rockbeachguitars.com .
Check out my Rock Beach Guitars page showing guitars I have built and repaired... http://www.rockbeachguitars.com
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