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Michael Kelly guitars?

Compact Diss

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'Diss, judging by the 'site you linked to, I don't know if you could go wrong there! (By the way, elsewhere on that 'site it's listed as "Deuce".) As long as it isn't damaged. Looks to be a sweet axe. Are the top and back on that solid flamed-maple? That would be incredible! Though laminates would be fine, remember all of the original (and current) Gibson ES-335's that this guitar is based upon were made with laminates.


What are you possibly trading for it?


Why doesn't this guy want to keep it?

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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I have a Michael Kelly mandolin; very nice playing and sounding for the money, although I did have to reglue a couple of frets and give it an overall setup/fret dress.


This brand is usually made in Korea, and is more than likely a Samick product, built to spec of the importer(Michael Kelly). Quality will be good, but don't expect a real 335.


I have no idea of the list/wholesale cost on this guitar. Find a website with list prices and multiply by half...that will give you the wholesale price, and a fair market price for a used piece.


Expect to spend a few bucks getting it set up...include a fret dress in the cost. Replace the output jack, these are usually junk, and more expensive to replace in a 335 style guitar due to added labor costs...you'll probably want to consider replacing the box style pickup selector switch with a Switchcraft leaf style...again, figure added labor costs.


Good luck.

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