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Please help me help someone (hurricane victims)

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Is anyone interested in helping me out?


I want to help some victims from the hurricane. It is really heartbreaking to sit here and watch the news and not have the ability to do anything to help.


We as humans need to aid in these times to our fellow man. Just like the support that went on throughout the Tsunami.


I am interested in raffling off my Fender Strat. There is really nothing special about it except that it is my first guitar.


Can anyone give me info on setting up a raffle?


I have not decided on the charity I will donate to as of yet. I will make that decision today.


I am going to sell the raffle tickets for $10.00 a piece. I paid $350.00 for the guitar, still have the receipt and I added Lil 59's and a JB Jr. I will post pics as soon as I have all the info I need to get a raffle going.



Any help is appreciated!





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Hey stranger. :wave: You working again yet?


Talk to a local church or fire dept. They run those type of things all the time.


As for supplies like the double tickets (one for the entrant, one for the bin) with the numbers imprinted, you can get those at party supply chains, and possibly even a Staples.


Try to pick a charity ahead of time, so you can put it right on the flyers or whatever promo you do. Makes people feel more comfortable. Contact the local chapter and let them know what you intend to do, so you can point people to a contact if they are suspicious. You might also get access to using an official logo in your promo material.


Why not talk to a local music store about donating a guitar for the prize? A brand new instrument might be a more attractive prize than a used one, and you could make an "event" out of the drawing to drive some customers into the store in exchange.

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Thanks Bill.


I have decided to donate to the Red Cross. You gave me a good idea about contacting my church-maybe that is the way I will approach this. They may be starting up something themselves-I could give my guitar to them to put in the bulletin.


Yes, I'm working...the place you can't park your car in the yard..



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