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Greetings From the Land of the Heavily Moistened


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Man, it's raining just a little bit. Thank you Hurricane Katrina, at least I didn't have to water the garden today... although I think my cats, huddled together in the garage, are building a boat out of cardboard boxes... all the animals are strange today like they know something I don't. The wind is incredible too, I thought about opening the windows to save on a/c costs but i think i would drown. And, the fascist bastards my husband works for are making him come in tonight... even though it's his day off... as if anyone would go to a fine dining restaurant in a hurricane... bastards. It upsets me, people should get their priorities straight.


So, I finally have home internet :D I'll be stopping in a lot more often from now on... and I'll have to introduce you guys to Mario. MSN didn't save my contacts since I hadn't signed in in so long soooo... if anybody wants to IM me my address is nightbird2647@msn.com you'll have to contact me so I can add you to mine.


Funk not only moves... it can RE move... dig :cool:




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hey look, this is my new (only) Nephew Nikola.





I just met him a little while ago on the internet, I'm talking to his dad (my hubby's brother) right now. I don't have sibblings and Mario only has one brother so he is our one and only. I'm so excited to meet him. Mario's whole family lives in Croatia. He was only supposed to be here for a few months... until I got ahold of him. I can't wait to meet them all in person... but his brother is the only one who speaks english... I need to learn a new language!

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http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/images/smilies/cool_shades%5B1%5D.gif And who are you, again? ;):cool:



Originally posted by Shannon:

"Funk not only moves... it can RE move... dig :cool: "

Eloquence. Poetry. I dig indeed, Miss Shannon.


Love the picture of your cat, Ewok, too.


Whatcha lissinin to an' playin'?

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

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Hmm... what are those three cords again? I've been sidetracked by life lately... haven't played much but I've been working on a painting in my spare time, it's a present for a friend that I should have completed a year ago. Plus I'm still working two jobs (although it's two different jobs). Case you can't tell from the listening out loud earlier, I'm currently listening to George Clinton and Parlaiment Funkadelic... well I was listening to my launchcast radio staion but now I think I'll put my mothership connection dvd in cause I'm in the mood after hearing it.
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Oh my but you've been gone for some time....


All growed up, married and children :eek: well cats are kind of like children :freak:


I'd say I hope things have been good but it sounds like they've been great ;)

Who's this Mario fella? Did he come with any guitars :D

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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LMAO! No, just a t-shirt and some picks.

hee hee.


No, but he wants to learn to play. He keeps asking me to teach him, and I keep asking him to teach me Croatian, I guess neither one of us has been in the teacher mood. We'll both get around to it eventually... hopefully.

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We kept the light on for you though!


Since no one else has mentioned it (at least not here), I have to ask... Did you notice a little change in these forums?? :confused:


Just about a month ago Craig Anderton announced that MP had a disussion with him a while back that said they'd be re-focusing the forums on this website to better serve the magazines that spawned them. This couldn't have happened at a better time for Craig as Harmony Central was bought by Musician's Friend, and among other offers he had to host the SSS, MF/HC made it clear they were interested in making it easier for him to devote more time to the forums by throwing some money at the sitution. (Craig's always said he loves moderating the forum, but c'mon.. he had (and has) to make a living, something he was not doing while spending time here.


So they amicably ended the relationship, Craig moved the SSS and Political Party forums to HC, and several other moderators moved their moderating there as well out of loyalty to Craig (without whom all said they wouldn't have been moderators here) and, in some cases, because their forums wouldn't have been relevant to MP's new vision anyway.


So now you can see a shift in forum names to match the respective magazines, editor's forums to directly address the staff for each magazine and several new (but probably familiar) moderators at several forums here.


And best of all, this hasn't changed anything but the name and access to the mag staff here at The Guitar Player forum. :thu:


Again, glad to have you back! Can I read into one of your last few posts that you need a fourth chord?? ;):D

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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