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OT: Good luck to everyone in Katrina's path


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This is a bit late, and I guess all those in its path are NOT hooked onto the internet checking the GP forum (especially since there's no power), but still: good luck to all those in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, East Texas... and I hope you and your families, homes, pets and guitars/music gear end up well.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

--from 'Beyond Good and Evil', by Friedrich Nietzsche


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I just had lunch in the cafeteria and watched CNN coverage of the situation...


Environmentally it's huge given the industrial contamination and the impact this will have for the entire area for generations.


On the human front.... this is going to get terribly ugly if the government doesn't send in troops to shut down the escalating bullshit.


Hmmm.... what to do today......

1. Rip off gun store

2. Loot liqueur store

3. Become a moronic dangerous imbecile


I'd like to think everyone would be pulling for one another and I'm sure in large part this is what's happening....

It must simply make for boring news footage.


My heart goes out to you people living in the wake of Katrina.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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I'm just down the road from Kingston Ontario where the Tragically Hip are from... One of their more popular songs from an older CD is "New Orleans is Sinking". It's a great song.


Unfortunately there's a P.C. movement afoot to condem any radio station that plays this song.


Common sense is free... use up all you can.

Political Correctness makes mental retards of us all.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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