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Originally posted by LavaMan:

News at Lava Cable:I also just added custom cable snakes for stage - currently no junction boxes intended for patch bays, drum kits etc...http://www.lavacable.com/Cable%20Snakes.htm

Now there's a cool option! I've been looking for a short snake with all 1/4" to interface my mixer with my HD24...
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Now taking new preorders for Skrydstrup OD50 amplifiers. If you're in the market for a Two Rock, Fuchs, or Bruno, be sure to check these babies out first!

More details at my site: www.6thstringmusic.com/amplifiers







Here's a quote to let you know what these amps are all about: "I have had my Skrydstrup for 2 1/2 weeks. I was told it needs some time to break in. It's starting to get scary. Beautiful clean channel that is extremely dynamic. With my Tyler Strat I can go from real clean to a bit of grind to Landau w/ my vol. knob and varying my pick attack only. The lead channel wil nail the Dumble stuff 100% with ease, but can also do it's own thing. More versatile than Dumbles I've played. It is one of the sweetest and fattest lead tones I've ever played/heard. This amp has the best high end of any of the dozens of amps that I've owned. It has a mid presence but not too much like many American amps. Very refreshing - a real eye opener."


Thanks for looking!

Sam Tuliebitz

6th String Music



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If you haven't heard of CA Guitars, or Composite Acoustics, check them out. I'm just a customer and I don't work for this company but I can't tell you how happy I am with these guitars. The company is CA GUITARS. I want other players to know about these instruments because they sound incredible (like wooden guitars) but are made with graphite so they are incredibly strong and won't warp with temp or humidity changes. I don't know how to post pics of my two CA Guitars or I would but here is a link to their site.


I have a Legacy Aura dreadnaught and a X-Standard with the Baggs I-Beam. They sound fantastic plugged in but unplugged they sound like vintage, high end, wooden guitars. My Legacy sounds like an old Martin and I think my X-Standard sounds a lot like a Taylor. At Christmas I was playing guitars with some guys at church and I had my X and I compared to tone and volume to my friends Alvarez dreadnaughts. The tone was better and the volume was almost exactly the same even though the X is a smaller body guitar! Last year I compared my Legacy to another friends high end Larrivee and the Legacy sounded as good if not better when played side by side. Check them out for yourself.

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Practice and instructional tools for learning guitarists and guitar instructors. Jam Tracks products are used by instructors at Musician's Institute, National Guitar Workshop, Hollywood Academy of Music, and in private lessons around the world.


Enhanced CD's can be played as standard audio CD's, or used as software on a PC. The discs provide a variety of high quality backing tracks for an inspiring way to practice. Chord progressions and scale patterns can be printed out for easy reference.


Save 20% on Jam Tracks and Jam Tracks Exotica until December 31st. Buy both and save 30%. Visit our website for more product details and to place your order: www.underthegroove.com





Year End Sale:

Save 20% on Jam Tracks or Exotica. Save 30% when you buy both. Sale ends December 31.



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The Lava ELC TM (Extreme Low Capacitance). The new Lava ELCTM cable now has a larger outer diameter, lower capacitance, increased shielding, and it uses purer oxygen free copper - 99.999% pure for both the conductor and shield. The new Lava ELCTM cable has been specifically re-designed for guitar and instrument applications and is made in the USA. The new improved Lava ELCTM cable is now more flexible, rugged and it provides increased sonic performance by using a lower strand count conductor. At 15 pF per foot, it has the lowest capacitance of any guitar cable on the market. Every aspect of this cable was re-designed with the guitar and bass player in mind to provide for low microphonics, reliability, and superior frequency response. Neutrik straight and G&H right angle plugs are used and each cable is assembled using German made WBT Silver Solder.


The new Lava ELC retails at $69.95 for a 20 foot cable. As with all Lava Cable products, numerous custom length and connector options are available. The specifications of the cable are: Conductor: 20 awg stranded 99.999% pure OFC copper, Insulation: Foamed PE, Electro-static: Conductive PVC, Shield: 98% coverage 99.999% pure OFC copper, Final jacket: Black PVC .305 diameter, Capacitance: 15 pf/FT.



Lava Man


Your One-Stop Custom Cable Shop

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Anyone making a semihollow, thinline acoustic bass body?? I'd like one similar to a Carvin AC40 but with a bolt on neck pocket that would fit either a fender neck( I'd probably use a Moses graphite neck licensed by Fender) or a Carvin bolt on neck. I'd just want the body with the neck pocket and holes drilled for the neck to bolt on and also with the holes drilled for the string through bridge. The bass body would not necessarily need the center soundhole like the AC40 has but could have f-holes or something similar. I'd want the body unfinished. Anyone know where I could get one and how much?? It would be cool if it was a Tele style body too!
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