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Ringo, small Canadian town and US relief

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Here's what can and is being done to help the WTC relief effort, north of the 49th. The background is I moved from Toronto to this small place called Sutton, one of a collection of rural towns put together and called Georgina, on the south shore of Lake Simcoe, about an hour north of Toronto. Mostly it's a depressed farming region with tourism for fishing. I keep finding out that there is a pretty active artistic community up here; actors, radio personalities, authors, musicians, artisans that have all done international work at one time or another. (edited from the local paper) October 10 Legendary rockers, special surprise guests, great gospel music and local talent will take to the stage Friday to raise funds for the American disaster relief fund. Organizer Gabi von Gans said the band Brotherhood often does benefits and is off on another round for the U.S. relief effort calling the tour The Sunflower Peace Event starting with the home kickoff at the Stephen Leacock Theatre. Band members' careers include opening shows for Neil Diamond, The Animals, Herman's Hermits, Tina Turner, The Guess Who and Prairie Oyster. As well as Brotherhood, the contemporary gospel group Soul Devotion will be there, plus The Glory Boys, native drummers from Georgina Island, a barbershop quartet, visual art displays that have been donated for sale and more. October 17 The stars came out for Friday's fundraiser concert for the American relief effort. The most famous drummer in the world strolled casually on to the stage at the Stephen Leacock Theatre to the astonishment of the audience and did a three song set on the drums. Starr also signed autographs and chatted with fans before leaving for an undisclosed destination. Organizer and emcee Gabi von Gans said Starr's attendance for The Sunflower Peace Event couldn't be confirmed until the last minute, and due to his contractual obligations, couldn't be publicized. "We heard rumbling that he might come and everyone said 'yeah, right', then in he walked." von Gans said. Her boyfriend Rob Mullen, who performed with his group Brotherhood, knows many musicians from his years on tour with various artists and learned through the musicians' grapevine that Starr was in the area and gave him a call. "We thought if he came he would just say hi to the audience and wave and then leave. But he stayed and played three songs" said von Gans. In addition to A Little Help From My Friends, Starr also sang You're Sixteen and Boys, accompanied by members of Brotherhood, Hurricane Mike Carter and Joe Agnello of Sutton Music. "We're just thrilled. It was beyond our expectations," von Gans said of the concert which raised at least $3,000. Tammi Roberts sang the Star Spangled Banner and Lauren Ferraro sang the Canadian national anthem. The stage was decorated by students from Morning Glory school and the personal envelopes containing sunflower seeds were decorated by grade 3 students from Deer Park school. Mayor Jeff Holec told the audience he feels a particular connection to the events of Sept. 11 becasue he was born and raised in the United States. (end of article) So there you have some small town Canadian folks putting together a small event, which unfortunately was poorly attended but that's irrelevant to the effort. Everybody down to little kids chipping in, plus someone like Ringo Starr taking his time to get hauled up to nowhereville and performing graciously for what I estimate couldn't have been more than 150 people. But every dollar counts and the money is on its way. I think that's pretty cool and I'm feeling proud of this little place. And Ringo Starr gets some deserved admiration from me. If you see any notices in your area about The Sunflower Peace Event, give them a little help. Charlie
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Hey, Charlie! That's awesome your town pulled that off...that $3000 will go a long way, guaranteed. Having been a promoter of a quite a few small town shows and a few large ones, I know how tough it can be get the talent together and set it up, particularly when it's in a small town. Kudos to the promoters, the artists, the audience - everyone involved!.. [img]http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
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