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Tom Anderson guitars


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Anderson's have a great reputation as both beautiful and great sounding guitars.


They're in strong demand, so there's often a waiting period to get one... especially if you want a custom one built to your tastes.


They're expensive... but highly prized by many.


I've played a couple, and came away impressed. I would compare them with Suhr, Melancon, Grosh, McInturf, and similar high quality small builders.


Could you find a G&L that played and sounded great for a lot less? Probably. But it wouldn't be an Anderson.


I happen to love my new Fender American Deluxe w/ a quilted maple "bent" top... very "Anderson" styled... beautiful guitar... about 1/3 the price of an Anderson.


BTW, I'm pretty sure Anderson makes their own pickups and electronic setup... which gives them a "sound" that's their own.


If you can afford an Anderson, I bet you would find them to be great! But don't forget to try some of the other great guitars out there... you never know what will be YOUR favorite.



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Originally posted by fogman:

I just went to their website.

Attractive guitars. Nothing unique though.

They look a lot like G&Ls. Especially the finishes.

I am curious as to how they sound.

Actually they have a number of features that are either unique or which have been copied by other builders after they made the breakthrough.


Anderson was one of the very early boutique builders and a lot of their innovations (like a chambered solid drop top) have become almost standard features. Their switcheroo system is certainly the only switching system of its kind and while confusing to some is incredibly powerful. I don't love playing their guitars, but like both their craftsmanship and their innovative ideas. Very fine guitars.

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I had a Tom Anderson hollow Strat for a while, and it was great. Their pickups are really good, but different from pretty much everything else out there. My Anderson didn't have the active eq switching set up some of them do, but it was really spanky and bright sounding, very much like a good vintage Strat out to sound. They are right proud of their guitars; the prices are very high. But the woodwork is excellent, the finishes are gorgeous, and the fretwork is top notch.


Which model are you lookng at, and what are they asking for a price?

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My neighbor has been a long time Fender player, never really looking deep into other guitars. Sure, he'd try 'em, but usually, he came back to his plethora of Strats and handful of other guitars.


However, he now does own a TA Hollow T Classic and I believe a Hollow Classic as well. He likes them both very much, and I've heard nothing but great tones out of them. If I wanted a high-end non-Fender Strat, I'd probably get an Anderson over a G&L. I tried his Hollow Classic once, and the neck just feels so much more comfortable than a regular Fender or a G&L. Plus, the pickups are stacked humbuckers, which to me is a plus. It's a great guitar, and IMO, well worth spending more than a G&L or high-end Fender. I don't think they match its quality. Maybe in the future they will.

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the Anderson guitars are great and many of the players that I play with use them.

Personally, I find them a bit too 'perfect' and a bit stiff. If you're going custom, I prefer my Sadowsky's but even they don't hold up to my 64 Strat but they are great gig guitars.


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I have Tom Anderson H-3 humbuckers in my guitarsall of my guitars.


Love the tone on 'em. If he made a steak sauce, I'd put it on my Wheaties every morning.


However, his guitars are a little too "weenie" looking for me, but they DO sound nice.



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